Research and innovation

Syntesa is initiator and partner in a whole area of research-related initiatives. Our expertise in economics, in particular socio-economic assessment and cost benefit analysis, marine management and decision support tools, food, feed and animal traceability on international level and renewable energies in particular related to macro-algae, make us an interesting partner for national and European research projects.

Proposal coordination Syntesa can coordinate the proposal process, which includes identificaton of a suitable consortium, shaping of the project idea, development of contents for the proposal and management of the submission process. Our proposals have excellent success rates on both national and European level.

Project coordination Syntesa has a history of successfully coordinating research tasks, work packages and whole projects on both national and European level. Syntesa understands how to motivate and coordinate research consortia to deliver on time and on budget the results promised in the proposal. Syntesa can also make projects stand out by effective dissemination of its results.

Work package or task leadership Syntesa participates in research projects typically because of its expertise in a) socio-economic assessment and cost-benefit analysis, b) marine management, c) decision support tools, d) feed, food and animal traceability, e) renewable energies and macro-algae production, f) stimulating entrepreneurship and g) effective and efficient dissemination.

Spin-offs Syntesa has recently started to collaborate with leading European universities in assisting spin-offs in their successful launch into the market. We assist spin-offs and/or technology transfer services in valorising research results by analysing the viability of a spin-off, preparing the message and searching for initial investment.