Key innovation services


Syntesa helps innovators in the whole innovation life cycle. We can assist companies or individuals with ideas to assess the viability of bringing the idea through to a marketable product or service. This will typically require initial investment and Syntesa can help to find that money from public or private investors. 

Syntesa has identified user-centric co-creation through LivingLabs as a promising tool in the prototype phase as we are currently running  very successfully a number of these LivingLabs in different areas. However, LivingLabs are only one tool in our toolbox.

Our "star service", however, is identifying the first reference clients and selling the product or service to them. Reference clients are those multipliers that will provide the foundations for  a successful commercial rollout. Syntesa helps to prepare the message, identifies suitable candidates, negotiates the first sales and manages the pilot implementation.

Once the product or service has shown it can persist in the market, it's time for the innovator to build up own assets and prepare for a full commercial rollout. When we can welcome yet another successful innovation in the market, Syntesa's role has ended and our involvement ends.