Areas of engagement

Syntesa's universe is spanned by the three dimensions: innovation, technology and market access. Within this universe we work on innovation to market, research and innovation and organise conferences and secretariats for innovative initiatives.

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Syntesa helps innovators evaluate opportunities, find investment and bring their new product or service to the market. Syntesa also works with universities and researchers in Europe on research projects as source of public investment in innovation or because of particular expertise that Syntesa has. Syntesa has ample experience in securing national and European research funds and in coordinating the work to deliver successful results back to the funding organisation and to society in general.

Syntesa holds particular expertise in a number of areas such as socio-economic assessment including cost-benefit analysis, food, feed and animal traceability and  renewable energy. Syntesa's partners, employees and associates speak regularly on international conferences and meetings. 

Our customers have used our consultancy services for:

  • Business to business marketing of innovative products and services to international markets
  • Impartial guidance, related to viability or return of investment
  • Expert advice on solving specific assignments
  • Human resources for shorter or longer periods of time