Olavur Gregersen, M.Sc.

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Holds an M.Sc. In Business Administration, Economics and International Trade. Fluent in Faroese, Danish, English and Norwegian; understands and speaks Swedish, Icelandic and German. 




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Phone: +298 233080
Skype: olagre


Ólavur Gregersen has a long career as entrepreneur and international management consultant. He has been an executive and non-executive Director in several innovative companies and projects, and held board positions in innovative companies and educational institutions.

Currently, he is the coordinator of the European FP7 project ALL-SMART-PIGS, the Nordic Innovation project WhiteFishMaLL and the NORA project MacroBiotech, covering topics such as renewable energy, information & communication technology and sustainable food & feed production in Scandinavia and the European Union.

He has served as project coordinator for a European FP6 wave energy project (ALDA) and is, as the work package leader, responsible for economic cost-benefit analysis of precision livestock farming technologies, cost-benefit analysis and stakeholder interactions of a new fishery management system in the revised European Common Fishery Policy in two other European FP7 projects (EU-PLF and BENTHIS).

Ólavur has extensive experience in obtaining private and public funding for innovative small and medium sized companies and has several years of business experience in project management for innovation related activities.

He is especially interested in the development of rural regions, contributing to their economic diversification and developing new business opportunities. He is a frequent speaker on these topics on conferences and workshops in Greenland, Iceland, Norway, UK, Canada, and the Faroe Islands.

Furthermore he has worked in the Faroese business community as Business Development Adviser for the Italian oil and gas company Eni (former Agip) and their corporate social responsibility program in relation to an oil & gas exploration campaign. Also he was leading a joint technical information service organization between the Faroese Government and the Danish TIC Denmark.

In addition to innovation processes, Ólavur specializes in marketing – especially covering the area of business-to-business marketing. Major tasks have lately included the strategic marketing of Simprentis (Internet learning simulations for the oil industry), the global market launch of Data Quality Systems Ltd. (met-ocean data qualification software), the provision of management advise to Canadian Seaside Communications (telecom), general project management of Ocean Rainforest (energy from marine biomass) and promotion of clean-tech companies in the transatlantic region with national and Nordic funding.