Dr. Heiner Lehr


Holds a PhD in Natural Sciences ("summa cum laude") from the Technical University Berlin. Fluent in German, English, Spanish and Catalan; understands and speaks Italian.





Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
Mobile: +34 676 81 0236
Skype: heiner.lehr


Dr. Heiner Lehr has a long career in software innovation, specializing in consulting and development of large-scale international projects. He has worked for a large variety of companies, including media giant Bertelsmann AG. Before turning his attention to food, he was a pioneer in interactive television and led prestigious projects in the area of supply chain management. Dr. Heiner Lehr has been actively involved in traceability and food information management since 2003. In Thailand, he has been the Lead Consultant for the Thailand National Traceability Project for the Thailand National Bureau of Agricultural Commodity and Food Standards. He was the International Technical Supervisor for the Malaysia Food Information and Traceability (M-FIT) Project, a national traceability project for Malaysia. In Vietnam he has designed a traceability system for seafood for the Ministry of Agriculture; this traceability system has also been implemented in Indonesia. He regularly speaks on international conference about food information, traceability, Halal and precision livestock farming. Heiner is very active in palm oil traceability for large international players, taking special interest in sustainability and greenhouse gas emissions of this commodity. He has been an officially accredited observer to the 10th MSC Malaysia International Advisory Panel. He held the post of Enterprise Application Director for the EU TRACE project, Europe's biggest project on food traceability. He was a key partner in the work of TraceFood, which is integrating the results of the three European projects TRACE, SeaFood Plus and TraceFish. He was one of the main participants in the definition of the EU sponsored work to create an open standard for the interchange of traceability information (TraceCore XML). He was also the coordinator of BrightAnimal, a direction setting EU project on Precision Livestock Farming. He is co-editor of a book on Multidisciplinary Approach to Acceptable and Practical Precision Livestock Farming, available on Amazon. Based on BrightAnimal, the European Commission has initiated EU-PLF and ALL-SMART-PIGS, where Heiner is a workpackage leader. Heiner is also a member of EcoFishMan, a project in the area of seafish policy. Dr. Heiner Lehr has been appointed a Reviewer for the European Commission to revise the progress of its funded projects. In 2012 he joined forces with Olavur Gregersen by founding Syntesa ApS. Ever since he has been working for a variety of clients in Asia and Europe. In 2013, Heiner has founded Inkubik, a firm that creates innovative technology in industrial machinery. He is involved with Creative Dialogue Association, an entity that establishes an international dialogue on creativity with Arabian countries. As a Technical Director of FoodReg, a specialist provider of traceability solutions, Heiner continues to play a role in international food traceability. Heiner provides the secretariat of The RING, an initiative to promote innovation in retail technology. Heiner is currently also a researcher at the reknown Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona (Spain).