Webinar on 'Socio-Economic Impact Assessment of Management Scenarios within the Ecosystem Approach to Fisheries Management

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Syntesa will hold a webinar on Socio-Economic Impact Assessment of Management Scenarios within the Ecosystem Approach to Fisheries Management on 28th of November at 11CET

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The project MareFrame encourages a more widespread use of the Ecosystem Approach to Fisheries Management (EAFM). Social and economic issues are at the core of this approach, but are often given less attention than environmental aspects. MareFrame has conducted a socioeconomic impact assessment (SEIA) as a key step in the decision support process to highlight the consequences of the various management alternatives and inform stakeholders of the implications of their decisions.

Socio-economic issues in EAFM – Webinar

In this webinar, a method for evaluating management scenarios including environmental, national and business economics, as well as social implications of each management alternative using multi-criteria analysis (MCA), will be presented. This approach explores how the different, and sometimes contradictory priorities of multiple stakeholders, influence the final outcomes of the analysis. MCA makes explicit the trade-offs between multiple objectives in complex settings. It is a method for facilitating a structured evaluation of management alternatives, and can narrow down the range of ‘acceptable’ alternatives between actors with conflicting objectives.

The webinar will present you with:

  • A methodology for assessing environmental, social, national and business economic impacts from management alternatives within European fisheries
  • Insights into MCA analysis in fisheries
  • Some results from the applied analysis in complex fisheries within the EAFM context
  • A better understanding of the trade-offs between economic, social and environmental aspects involved in decision-making within fisheries management
  • Insight into how the priorities of decision makers and other stakeholders influence which management alternatives are considered most feasible
  • A chance to ask questions related to the analysis as applied in seven MareFrame case studies

The webinar will be presented by a team at Syntesa, consisting of Juliana Arias-Hansen, Researcher and Economic Analyst, with support from Magni Laksáfoss, Economic Analyst, and Olavur Gregersen, Work Package leader in MareFrame.

You can register here for the webinar, which will take place on November 28 at 11 CET.