Magni Laksafoss

Syn MagniEconomic Analyst

Has studied national economics at the University of Copenhagen, earning a cand.polit. degree in 1998. Fluent in Faroese, Danish and English; understands and speaks Norwegian and Swedish.




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Magni Laksafoss is an Economic Analyst with specific expertise in National Economics, Socioeconomic Analysis and Demographics with an extensive knowledge in statistical analysis of large datasets.
He has done several major analytical works at national economic level as well as municipal and sectoral level. He is a frequent speaker on economic topics on conferences and workshops in Greenland, Iceland, Norway, Finland and the Faroe Islands.
Magni has lectured in national economics and economic history at the University of Faroe Islands.
During his career he has worked with Econometric Models, General Equilibrium Models and various other analytical models. He has worked in the production of statistical data at Statistics Faroes and as head of the Department for Economic Statistics in Statistics Greenland.
A large part of his later career has revolved around long statistical time series, Demographics, Economic History and studying the Dynamics of Economic Growth.
He has also been involved in politics and been a member of the Faroese Parliament and minister of Finance.
He is currently Managing Director of an innovative green energy company.