Dr. Sveinn Agnarsson


Holds an ekon.dr in economics from Göteborgs Universitet in Sweden. Fluent in Icelandic and English, understands and speaks Danish and Swedish.




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Mobile: +354 891 8073
Skype: sveinnag


Dr. Sveinn Agnarsson holds undergraduate degrees in history and economics, and worked as a journalist at various newspapers in Iceland and the National Audit Office before embarking on an academic career. He joined the Institute of Economic Studies (IoES), University of Iceland in 1997, and in 2010 became director of the Institute. Since 2012, Agnarsson has held a position as associate professor at the School of Business, University of Iceland. While at IoES, Agnarsson worked on numerous projects, both Icelandic and international, including the EU-financed projects on fisheries, Deepfishman and Ecofishman, and he is currently engaged in the two other fisheries projects, MareFrame and PrimeFish. Agnarsson is a also a member of the European Employment Policy Observatory (EEPO) which is a network of labour market experts which is managed by the English firm ICF on behalf of the European Commission. The main purpose of the EEPO is to produce high-quality research papers on the labour market and employment. His other areas of interest include regional development and economic history.