Editorial in the Int. Animal Health Journal


The International Animal Health Journal publishes an editorial on PLF

Syntesa partner Dr. Heiner Lehr has been invited to publish an editorial about Precision Lifestock Farming in a recognized sector magazine ( The editorial introduces the results of the ALL-SMART-PIGS project as a Smart Farming showcase. The article also publishes original economic research on the profitability of continuous weight measurements by video analysis.

From the abstract:

"Precision Livestock Farming (PLF) or SmartFarming is a new take on animal farming, similar to a management change in the '80s. At this time, firms started to employ employee motivation and the concept of the 'firm as a family' in order to make better firms. PLF is an attempt at making a similar change in animal farming: by detecting the needs of animals as early as possible and helping the farmers to satisfy those needs, animal wellbeing will increase. It is hoped that in turn this will increase socio-economic benefits of animal farming, i.e. make better farms."

Download the complete article or view the electronic turning page version.