Dhanashree Shukla

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Mrs. Dhanashree Shukla holds an MBA from the Institute Of Management Education, Pune, India, in Business Administration with specialization in Marketing. Fluent in English, Marathi and Hindi.





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Mobile: +919561094893
Skype: dhanashree.shukla2


Dhanashree has been a consultant to the United Nations since 2009 where she has spoken on several conferences in Asia and Europe. She was also part of SATNET, a Europe-financed project led by the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific.
Mrs. Shukla has been the director of Fiberous Pulp & Paper Pvt Ltd. and Vikramsheila Import Export Pvt Ltd. since 1999. With the principal brand Farmpack, Mrs. Shukla is involved in exports and domestic distribution for Indian fresh fruits and vegetables. She has extensive experience in backward integration (cultivation with company direction) of agricultural fresh produce directly from farmers, leased farms for export and domestic markets. Mrs Shukla is associated with Maharastra State Agriculture Board,Pune (MSAMB) as well APMC, APEDA for development and promotion of agro fresh produces.
Mrs Shukla was awarded in 2007 the prestigious Udyogini (women entrepreneur) Award of Maharashtra State and the Lady Ramabai Award of the prestigious Maratha Chamber of Commerce Industries & Agriculture, Pune.