Heiner Lehr meets Minister for Agriculture of Bhutan


Consultancy for UN on food traceability in Bhutan

Syntesa partner Dr Heiner Lehr recently met Minister for Agriculture of Bhutan and other high level officials in an event organised by The United Nations' Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UN ESCAP, www.unescap.orgto discuss the implementation of food traceability.

unescaplogoHeiner Lehr as a member of the UNNExT network of experts on paperless trade in Asia and the Pacific has been working with UN ESCAP and UN ECE on paperless agro-trade facilitation since 2013. Meetings and training workshops have been held in China, India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan and Myanmar as part of the EU-funded project SATNET. Heiner is currently developing a guide and is delivering training in electronic food traceability with emphasis on including smallholders.
The Guide on Agrifood Chain Information Management For Trade Facilitation, which will be published later in 2014 by UN ESCAP, aims to provide practical milestones for implementing the Smarter Food Vision, an IT-enabled vision of safer, more inclusive and more transparent and traceable food. The Guide provides a clear framework with practical implementation advice.
National Trainings on Electronic Traceability for Trade Facilitation and Smallholder Integration have been conducted for the public and private sector in India, Bangldesh, Nepal, Bhutan and Myanmar. Another two trainings in Lao PDR and Cambodia will be provided by Syntesa Associate Gwynne Foster.