Gwynne Foster

gwynne syntesaAssociate

Gwynne Foster has a broad background in supply chain information systems and what it takes to implement them in a way that considers both the businesses and the people involved. Fluent in English. Understands and speaks Afrikaans.





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Mobile: + 27 (0)82 578 4201
Skype: gwynne.foster


She led the implementation of pallet tracking for South African fruit exports, has experience of international fresh produce operations, has conducted impact and readiness assessments and training programmes in several countries and participated in multi-national research projects. She has completed the requirements for certification as a GS1 GTC traceability auditor, through the GS1 Global Office in Brussels. Gwynne facilitated the South African Fresh Produce Traceability Project and was involved with traceability of various commodities supplied to Fair Trade in the Netherlands. She works with fruit and vegetable farmers and community gardens, and biomass producer groups. She is facilitating the establishment of a sustainable South African rabbits industry.