MareFrame: Workshop on Interactive Learning Tool

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On May 7 – 9 2014, a MareFrame workshop was held in Tórshavn, Faroe Islands.

The aim of the workshop was to kick-start the development work of the interactive learning tool to be developed based on the MareFrame decision support framework. Representatives from the MareFrame partner institutions of University of Tromsø, NRC Europe, ICES, Syntesa and Tøkni participated in the workshop.

mare frame workshopDuring the workshop, the Ecosystem-based Approach to Fisheries Management was discussed to ensure that the learning simulation would take into account all the important facets of such an approach.

Group discussions took place about the potential features and shape of such an interactive learning simulation game. The workshop participants agreed that in essence the MareFrame simulation learning tool should aim to give its users an increased understanding of:

  • What an ecosystem based approach to fisheries management entails.
  • How to apply the MareFrame decision support framework as part of co-decision processes.

It was also agreed that the simulation should make visible the trade-offs between different management options.

Tøkni, the task leader, will now start the development work in close collaboration with other project partners. In line with the MareFrame approach, stakeholders will also be involved to ensure that the learning simulation developed is something that would be genuinely useful for them.

A prototype of the learning tool will be tested in June 2015 by selected stakeholders and project partners.