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Syntesa arrange two days shooting to boost ALL-SMART-PIGS dissemination.

youris-filming1sA team from Youris.comportal on high consideration for the European Comission and rely on a very large distribution network for their video productions, was shooting in 18th and 19th of March all related to ALL-SMART-PIGS european project that Syntesa is coordinating and will demonstrate the viability of smart farming technologies in European pig farming. 


First day, shooting was placed at Cooperativa Plana de Vic feed manufacturer (Santa Eugenia de Berga) in the morning, and Mir's farm (Tona) in the afternoon. After showing the whole process for feed manufacturing, including truck arrival, quality control, special machine for manufacture pellet and how trucks are filled with the final product, a short interview to Alfons Font (production director) was held. At the Mir's farm, in the afternoon, technologies installed where shooting as well as how the animals were doing in the currently fattening round. Marc Mir, owner of the farm, was interviewed and he explained how the technologies are improving the farm management thanks to the information that NEMA traceability, software developed inside the project, put it together and show us in an easy and clearly way.

youris filming2Second day, started at the slaughterhouse Mafrica (San Joan de Vilatorrada) and finished at Cooperativa Plana de Vic headquarters (Vic), where most of the LivingLab sessions have been hold. At the slaughterhouse, truck arrival with pigs was the first shoot, including the veterinarian control before the relax area where the animals rest for a while. Before enter to the cutting room, where Manel Serrat explained the quality control process, CEO of Mafrica were interviewed.

The main output will be a short filming of 3 minutes and a long version of 10 minutes. The video will shows technologies installed, production process of the participants, interviews to the managers and CEO's and detailed explanation of ALL-SMART-PIGS project.