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GLOBALG.A.P. technical livestock committee listens to ALL-SMART-PIGS.

Heiner Lehr was invited by GLOBALG.A.P., a holder of internationally well-accepted agricultural production standards, to present smart farming in pigs and poultry..

Heiner was accompanied by Simon Lague, business development director of partner FANCOM. Results from both ALL-SMART-PIGS and EU-PLF were presented to members of the committee from Brazil, Germany, Netherlands and Denmark. The lively discussion centred around value creation in the feed-animal-food chain, but also marketing PLF to consumers via retailers like McDonald's. The concept of "putting a number to sustainability" promoted by FANCOM was considered an interesting step into that direction. Syntesa, as leader of the value-creation group in EU-PLF, will continue maturing the concept in the context of supply chain value creation. GLOBALG.A.P livestock manager Dr Roland Aumüller thanked the Fancom/Syntesa team for providing deeper insights into a subject that Prof Daniel Berckmans (Leuven University and coordinator of EU-PLF) had introduced the group to 6 months ago.