Agrifood Chain Information Management for Trade Facilitation


Guide has been submitted to UN ESCAP.

The Agrifood Chain Information Management for Trade Facilitation Guide has the purpose of building the capacity of Government officials and other stakeholders in developing countries to support the development of paperless systems for agri/food trade facilitation.


unescap-guidecThis guide will form part of the series published by UN ESCAP as part of the Single Window Implementation Toolkit.

Syntesa partner Heiner Lehr, author of the Guide, outlines in the Guide the Smarter Food vision of inclusive, safe and accessible food. This vision will be supported by agrifood chain information management systems. Such systems should be built in layers, where the public authority implements the Smarter Food Single Window, which is fed by independently run, private chain information systems.

The Guide provides practical milestones for implementing the Smarter Food Vision. It reviews relevant standards and gives concrete recommendations for their adoption. It highlights a few key obstacles to be overcome and proposes solutions. The guide will attempt to provide a clear framework with practical implementation advice. It is expected that a series of seminars will be held in South East Asia and the Pacific based on the guide's contents.