Syntesa chairs sessions on EC-PLF 2013

EC-PLF 2013

In its continued support of SmartFarming initiatives Syntesa has participated actively in the 6th EC-PLF conference in Leuven (Belgium).

Syntesa partner Olavur Gregersen chaired the session on Business Development PLF, while Heiner Lehr chaired the session PLF: Socio-economomics and ethics.

The session on Socio-economics and ethics counted with four presentations on such as diverse topics as a developing countries perspective on precision feeding, over traceability in the feed-animal and food chain to the question whether PLF turns animals into object. The session was co-chaired by Se-Woon Hong. The session on business development PLF showed results from Smart pig farming, development of PLF entrepreneurship, internet of things applied to PLF, Precision dairy and investment in oestrus detection.

Partner Heiner Lehr presented to papers in these session. You can find more information on the website of the 6th EC-PLF conference.