Syntesa at World Agriculture Congress 2013

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Olavur Gregersen speaks on Sustaninability in Animal Husbandry

Syntesa partner Olavur Gregersen will present ALL-SMART-PIGS at the 3rd Annual World Congress of Agriculture (WCA). The event will take place on 23-25 Setember 2013 in Hangzhou (China). Olavur will talk about Sustainable Smart Farming Solutions for Animal Agriculture as part of Track 4: Pillar Industries in Agriculture.


The ALL-SMART-PIGS project (A Living Lab for SMART PIG farming)  wishes to demonstrate the technical and economic viability of precision livestock farming technologies in European pig farming. For this purpose the project partners will implement a selection of smart technologies related to growth, health and welfare of pigs on four European farms. Information gathered on farm will be shared securely with feed suppliers and slaughterhouses to allow optimisation of the total chain, in particular of feed. The project's thesis is that through improved detection of animal needs and better use of available information both animals and farmers can improve their livelihood. Syntesa is the project coordinator.

China is a target market for Smart Pig Farming technologies, given the size of agricultural holdings and the structure of the sector. WCA2013 is a major international event held in Hangzhou, a key city in the Yangtsi Delta and only 180km away from Shanghai, the world's largest port. WCA-2013 will bring together industry leaders, investors, policy makers, scientists, researchers and other professionals working in the area of Agriculture and discuss the latest scientific advances in agriculture and future directions of the technologies.