LivingLab confirms feed-animal-food traceability

LivingLab session in Vic (June 2013)

Successful LivingLab session in Vic (Spain) confirms traceability

The ALL-SMART-PIGS project has elaborated a concept proposal for information sharing along the feed-animal-food chain and brought this concept to its Spanish LivingLab.

In the session on June  17th, the participants evalutated positively the concept. In a next step, ALL-SMART-PIGS partner Nema will create a pilot system which will be confirmed by the LivingLab in October.

In a collaboration between Syntesa, IRTA and Nema, ALL-SMART-PIGS created a concept for information sharing along the feed-animal-food chain. The concept foresees exciting new services like measuring immediate animal response on formulation changes, improved information on meat quality influencing factors and better control for farmers about off-spec animals. The LivingLab participants in Spain were very positive about the concept developed on the basis of their own ideas and input. All participants agreed to partake in a real pilot of information sharing starting January 2014.